Fun ways to use video to promote a carpet cleaning business

When it comes to using video, the line “the sky is the limit” is pretty much applicable.  A video is a great opportunity to graphically showcase all the benefits of a cleaning business.  Carpet cleaning businesses should know how to use this opportunity to produce engaging content that will tap into viewers minds and call them into action.

The following are some fun ways in which a carpet cleaning business can use video to promote their services:

Make a fun walk-through

People love to watch fun videos.  Just try to remember that time when you were looking for an important video on YouTube and ended up watching stand-up comedy.   Maybe not a stand-up skit, but a fun video giving customers a walk through the company could go a long way.

Just think about what are the things you would like to know about a carpet-cleaning company before hiring one?  Put yourself in the shoes of potential customers.

Always start from the very beginning and have different people explain how your products work and all the benefits customers will get from hiring your cleaning services.  Go over everything and leave no unanswered question.

Place videos of your cleaning in action

This is not a walkthrough but a video of some of the products you use in action.  Instead of saying that your cleaning company is about this and that, show a video of you in action as you use one of your products.  This will be a lot more convincing to your potential customers.

Make testimonial videos

Go up to your clients and ask them for a testimonial on how satisfied they are with your service.  But try to make it visually appealing.   Get advice from professionals and get the best out of this testimonial or testimonials.  You could even go into a company where you offer your services and go booth to booth asking employees for their opinion on how they like their clean office.

Also, interview the CEO or CTO of a company or business you have offered your services to.  You could make a full testimonial on how they were being affected by mold and dirt in the office.  Then he can start sharing about how he lost costumers due to foul smells, dirty floors, etc.  But then the sun shone and the fanfare music begins to play.  This is when your carpet-cleaning business came to save the day.

A pro-tip:  If you are including an interviewer make sure this person is fun and engaging.

How about a video ad?

The great thing about video ads is that they are short, therefore, effective.  When it comes to promoting your carpet cleaning business, consider that you usually will have only 30 minutes.  So this is the time to pull out your creativity card.

Most of us will agree that the funniest part of the Super Bowl is the video ads.   Make your own and start placing it across social media.

If you want to get the best out of videos and use other effective and creative ways of marketing, Curve Communications is definitively the best option.  They will professionally guide you and walk you through the best marketing campaign for your carpet cleaning business ever!