A Guide to Removing Odors from your Office Chair

Nothing is more frustrating than getting into your office and you can smell that bad odor coming from your office furniture. And more often, the office chairs are the culprit. If they aren’t regularly cleaned or maintained, over the period of time, you’ll notice that they start to smell bad. And it looks like a real dilemma.

You might have the best office chair in town, but if it starting to release odors up in the room, you know you’ve got to do something about it. Of course, you can always hire some cleaners to do the job. But you can always go with the natural and the cheapest option, and that is trying to do the job on your own. In order to help you further, here are some of the effective tips that you can use to remove odors from your office chairs.

Cleaning and Maintenance

This is one of the most important phase that most offices should take seriously. With all the furniture and equipment, it is important that they are properly and regularly maintained. Dust, debris and spills are very common. And you should know, bacteria build up is often the cause of bad odor.

Cleaning and maintenance is important especially if you are using office chairs made of fabric, leather and mesh. They are certainly very prone to bacteria build up because of moisture. Moisture as you know caters bacteria growth. And that is something that you need to stay away from.

Removing Odors

If you don’t know it yet, but getting rid of odor from a furniture like an office chair should not be that hard. You don’t necessary need harsh chemicals to begin with. You can get all the cleaning agents right from your own kitchen. Such as baking soda, lemon and white vinegar.

With baking soda, you can spread out some good amount of baking soda, rub gently and leave it overnight. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda. You can also use the vinegar, combine with water to spray on surface. Make sure to open the entire room and let the smell of the vinegar to disappear with the odor. Lemon is also a good odor removal.

What about using Mr sun to remove the odor. Take out the chairs outside, under the heat of the sun. Before that, make sure to use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt and dust from the furniture. Putting the chair under the heat of the will definitely help kill odor causing bacteria. You can finish it up by using some essential oils like eucalyptus and tea tree oil to freshen up the chair. Mix it with water and spray some amount and let it dry overnight.

It is too obvious that there are too many ways to remove the odors from the office chairs. You don’t have to stress yourself too much. Yet, if you wanted to make things easier for you, you can always call for help and have a professional cleaner to do it for you.