How to Best Clean Dog Hair Out of The Carpet

doghair=We love our pets and love to have them around.  They are part of the family and they get treated as such.  Our lovely companions from Casa Doodle are certainly our loyal friends. Unfortunately, our beloved friends cannot help leaving behind a trail of fur that, if not treated properly, could even poise a health risk for us.  This is why it is very important for the carpets to be cleaned and sanitized in a regular basis. Now, dog hair can be very elusive and getting rid of it might not necessarily be a ride in the park.  Vacuuming is really important but at some point, dog hair is going to impregnate your carpet and something must be done.

The following are some tips on how to best get rid of dog hair in your carpet.

Use a mop

Or anything that is wet for that matter.  You can use a sponge or even your wet hands.  The trick here is that, with moisture, the fur becomes a bit heavier and easier for it to stick to any surface.  This is because moisture has reduced any static electricity that it might have, therefore preventing it from sticking to the carpet and allowing it to roll up unto your hand or other object you are using the remove the fur.

Rake it off

This is a pretty simple way but a rather effective one.  After you have vacuumed your carpet use a window squeegee and brush it away.  You may use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of what you accumulate after you have swept the entire carpet.  This method is surprisingly effective at getting rid of your dog’s hair.

With rubber

Rubber has one very important characteristic that makes it great for removing dog’s fur.  This is static electricity.  Electrons can easily be knocked off rubber surfaces, turning it into a magnet that easily attracts dog fur.  Given this fact, it seems like the easiest way would be putting on a latex glove and simply rub over the surface with your hand.  This will definitively work but you have to be patient.  Hair will stick to your now electrified rubber glove.

Other option includes using and inflated balloon or a rubber plastic broom.

Use other sticky objects

If you still feel that there are some hairs left here and there lingering around your carpet, you might want to try using something sticky.  The recommendation is to have patience as the sticky material might run out and these results usually take days.  Think of some sticky materials that you could use.  Some suggestions include using some kind of cylindrical tube with Velcro attached to it.  Just rub the surface and all the hair will come out.

Or you could also use some sellotape to attract some hairs out of your carpet.

Regular cleaning

To prevent the buildup of dog’s fur on your carpet, you must vacuum it regularly.  This will keep the hairs from deeply sticking into your carpet.