How to keep fleas and other pests out of your carpets

You can get rid of fleas, ear mites, and ticks from your carpet easily and using house products.  Controlling these pests can prove a difficult task but it can be solved if done appropriately.  Let us take a look at some ways of getting rid of all these pests and actually preventing them from coming back.

What you need to know

Here are some things that you need to know about fleas and other pests before trying to clear your carpet of them.  If you notice how you add products to your carpet but nothing seems to work is probably because you are only focusing on the adult animals.  In the case of fleas, for instance, adult fleas, which you can easily see, represent almost only 5% of the infestation.  The rest is composed of eggs, larvae, and pupa.

Your carpet provides the warmth and space necessary for them to hide and reproduce.  Some eggs can remain dormant in your carpet for months.  Some pests can stick to your curtains and clothes, so to remove any infestation, not only should you consider your carpet but your entire house.

Clean your carpet thoroughly

The first thing is to vacuum your carpet thoroughly.  Make sure you vacuum the entire area of your carpet.  Focus on corners and the parts under furniture as there are places where bugs thrive especially.  If you have a pet, focus on the areas where these usually rest.  Keep in mind that vacuuming will not completely wipe off the population of mites or fleas but it will decrease it.  This is actually a good way of getting rid of the adults.

Proceed with upholstery and other furniture in the room where the carpet is at.  This is important since, in the case of fleas, these can jump to the furniture and then jump back onto the carpet once you are done with the vacuuming.

If your vacuum uses a disposable bag, put it inside a plastic bag and put it outside.  Dump a canister, if you vacuum uses this, inside a plastic bag.

You can also try steaming your carpets and furniture.  The heat delivered here will kill any remaining adults and eggs.

Apply a natural or chemical product

Apply a safe insecticide to your carpet using a spraying pump.  Wait until it dries before vacuuming.  This product will kill the adult animals but not the eggs.  This means that you will need to spray again.  The life cycle of most pests goes around one week.  So, wait one week to spray the insecticide again.

As a natural product, you can use baking soda and diatomaceous dirt.  You already have baking soda at home and you can buy diatomaceous dirt at Walmart or online.  Mix one part of baking soda with one part of diatomaceous dirt.  Apply this powder on your carpet and let it rest for 24 hours.  Use a vacuum to clean up the powder which will come up with dead fleas, eggs, and pupa.

It is ok to get pest removal advice from professionals.  They can help you in case your carpet has a particular need.  Get rid of those unwanted pests now.