Using stock photos on your website vs. Hiring a professional photographer

When you are a startup, you usually are on a budget. The dream is big but the resources are still scarce. But there is no stopping you once you put your head on the game.

You will find yourself with the need of using visual aids to showcase your game.  Obviously, you need to graphically and visually represent what you are about.  Besides it, you should know that a strong image can portray more than what many words would.

You might be thinking that we are about to bash everything about stock photos and place professional photographer on a pedestal.  Fair enough. However, and in honor of justice, we will drop the advantages and disadvantages of both sides only to help you make the best decision.

Advantages and disadvantages of using stock photos

Let us start with the advantages:

  • The price for them is low.  Usually, stock photographies go anywhere around $5.  Some sites will only request you to buy them “a cup of coffee”.  Stock photos can be purchased individually or a package.  You save money that you would otherwise spend on models, settings, photographer, etc.
  • All you have to do is download them so the process is pretty fast.
  • The quality of the picture is usually world class as some websites have rigurous standards for pictures.

The downfalls of stock photography:

  • They are not original so chances are that there are several websites out there who are using it as well.  Let’s just hope that it is not the competition who is also using them.
  • Restrictions are a thing with stock photography.  Make sure you understand each pic’s license.  Use only royalty free pictures if you will use them more than once.
  • Limits the creativity that you could add to your company.  If you ask someone to create appalling and original visual content using stock photography, you are just making the work nearly impossible.

Advantages and disadvantages of hiring a professional photographer

Getting a professional photographer has amazing benefits but it might also have some shortcomings.  Let´s start with the disadvantages this time:

  • Probably the most obvious disadvantage is the price.  These services are pricey and hard to afford.  A professional photographer will require you to add value to his hard work.
  • The logistics for this type of service require special settings, models, makeups, etc.  This, of course, takes us back to the first point where we are probably short on cash.
  • Since some photographers like to work on the pictures before giving them to you, the time between picture-taking and getting them done uses to be long.

Ok, now some of the many advantages.

  • It is original so chances of having the exact same picture is null. If such thing were to happen then you should file the other site for a lawsuit.
  • They will be able to generate traffic as the pics are original.
  • They are professionally-revealed and, once placed on your website, make them an important and integral day.

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